Homemade Liionidas open baffle speaker conversion, by Michiel

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I built two open baffle speakers with Lii drivers according to instructions from Leon Huijgen, who gave them the nice name Liionidas. I hope it provides the most realistic live experience possible with complex classical music, the pinnacle of high-end audio. Quite an ambition, but fun to do and reasonably feasible.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I received the construction drawing from Leon via Facebook group Lii audio drivers. Here you can also find a lot of information from various enthusiastic self-builders. I chose 22 mm poplar plywood, on the advice of Pieter, who is also an authority on audio and DIY speakers. The wood of this speaker is straight forward. Making the round holes with a nice edge took some experimenting with the router, and you need some experience to use it carefully. But in one of the photos you can also see that it is not rocket science to make it neat. In the long term I may oil, stain or paint the wood. Blank doesn't look bad either.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

102.0 cm high, 55.0 cm wide and 30.0 cm deep

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